Saturday, October 23, 2010

Serious Choices for Poway

On October 19th, the Poway City Council tried to follow the rules by initiating a General Plan Amendment that would actually permit lights to be placed at the Arbolitos Sports Fields. While the council's attempt to actually follow the law is laudable, what is striking is the implicit threat of a lawsuit required to get them to take this course.  Sadly, the fight to insure that the city council represents the interests of all Poway citizen is not over yet, and will continue so long as a council is in place that chooses not to adhere to the standards and ideals of Poway, as codified in the General Plan.

The level of effort required by the citizenry to get this council to follow the rules, or at the very least listen to their concerns, is far too high. The people composing the current city council are not bad people, they are just not appropriate leaders for Poway, if it is to move forward as the city it was envisioned to be.

Mullin is ethically horribly compromised and has insurmountable conflicts of interest.  Higginson long ago lost touch with anyone outside of his base, and Kruse lacks any form of independence, choosing simply to vote with whomever appointed him. Never has the choice been more clear or serious.

A vote for the incumbents is a vote to change the city into Box Stores in the South and McMansions in the North.

A vote for Babich, Grosch, and Stavros, is a vote for better city governance that will maintain Poway as the City we know. Choose wisely, Poway.

If you want to get involved, download the Poway Voter Guide and print some out for yourself and give the rest to your neighbors.  Only if you get out the vote will you be able to maintain your quality of life.


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