Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why the Poway General Plan Matters more than Political Party

Vote for Babich, Grosch, and Stavros

The take home message of this entry:
It does not matter if your Council Member is Republican or Democrat if they build a freeway in your back yard.

What party is in power in Washington or Sacramento has relatively little bearing on your daily lives when compared to the local City Council.  Both parties are corrupt and will take more of your money, give it to their friends and supporters, and engage in boondoggles that waste our tax payer monies.  The parties are just different flavors of the same ice cream.  One is vanilla with chocolate swirls and the other is chocolate with vanilla swirls.  Although they both taste good, neither are good for your health.

What really matter to YOU is the Poway General Plan

Want to know why?  Go to the Poway Geographic Information Service (GIS) site here and look up your address.  That black line around where you live is the city's easement for roads, sidewalks, or whatever they want to do.  Those Zoning Definitions, ie RS-7, RR-2, OS-RM, etc. have real meaning as defined in the General Plan.  They say how much density can be put onto that parcel of land.  What the use is supposed to be.  This only has meaning if the City Council actually follows what is written in the plan.

This type of information found in the General Plan is used to make real financial decisions as to the value of a piece of property.  A piece of land sitting next to a OS-RM (open space) lot will be worth more than a lot surrounded by RS-7 (higher density residential), because the 1st lot has more of the "Country" feel.  All things being equal, someone will spend more money for the 1st lot than for the 2nd.  But imagine what they would think if the city then decided to not follow the General Plan and install tract housing on that open space park land lot?  People would flee Poway and property values would plummet because there would no longer be any predictable rules.  Poway would become like many small shanty towns in Mexico that run by who you know in power and how much you bribed them to do what you wanted.

The size of the roads, the density of the commercial and residential neighborhoods are all defined by the Poway General Plan.  Currently, this plan is designed as a slow growth plan that maintains the "Country" in the "City in the Country".  Right now, each of the candidates say that they will "Support the General Plan."  To say anything less is political suicide.

But HOW will they "support" the plan?  The Plan is currently due for it's update and the Higginson Cabal (Mullin/Kruse/Higginson) will either ensure that the "update" changes enough things to permit mass urbanization of South Poway so that almost anything stuck in North Poway would still seem like "Country", or they will leave so many loopholes in the plan such that any semblance of it being a "General Plan" disappears.  In either case, they will be "supporting the General Plan", but in both cases it is to the detriment of the residents.

Babich, Grosch, an Stavros, take a more conservative approach to their view of the General Plan to not only enforce what is written, but also what is the "spirit" of the General Plan.  They know that the General Plan is one of the few documents that stops outside pressure from the County and the State to take up the hordes of people banging at the gates, clamoring for cheap housing.

Without a strong General Plan, there is nothing to stop Poway from being paved over, and then, being a city at all really no longer matters, much less the party affiliations of the City Council.

Tell your neighbors to Vote Out the Incumbents.

........Before its too late

Vote for Babich, Grosch, and Stavros

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