Who should I vote for?

Vote for Babich, Grosch, and Stavros

In this election, you need to
Vote out the Incumbents.

"Incumbents" may not be the appropriate term for two of the three of the candidates. 

Mr. Kruse, a.k.a "The Ever-Appointed" was appointed (like every time he has served) and Mr. Mullin squeaked by in a special election.

Mr. Higginson (the Mayor) has been in power for almost 24 years and long ago lost touch with the people.  He does not read City Staff reports prior to showing up and simply rubber stamps everything that they put on his desk.  Mr. Higginson hs never made (and thus never kept) a promise in his 24 years on the Council.  Think I'm making that up?  See the YouTube Video.

Mr. Kruse has never run for City Council.  He is a friendly person who will not challenge you or think to much.  He is a solid vote for whomever appoints him to the spot.  He has trouble accurately remembering the past, trying to take credit for writing the General Plan when, in reality, he was nowhere to be found.  The only thing that Kruse ever did for the General Plan was to sign it.  And only after he got permission.

Mr. Kruse claims his vast Banking experience will somehow help the City of Poway.  Kruse ran a bank in Rancho Bernardo and headed up their Loan Origination Department.  Shortly after he "retired" from the bank, taking a $1+ million package, the entire bank was sold for pennies on the dollar.  The CULPRIT?  Excessive non-performing loans.  The same thing that has tanked our economy.  Happened under Mr. Kruse's watch.  It's called "Kruse-control"

Starting here in Poway.  Notice how the city "found" ~$1.4 million in it's budget after it jacked up the water rates for most Poway?  Missing money an example of how things run under the "watchful eye" of Carl Kruse.

Bankers are great for lining up numbers in a column and telling you that they all add up.

Finance Guys (like Dave Grosch) actually add up the numbers and see if the MAKE SENSE.  See where things need to be cut.  See where things are missing.  We don't need a failed banker on the council, we need a Finance Guru.

Mr. Mullin is the most dangerous candidate of them all.  He site on the Board of Directors of CALPASC, a powerful and effective lobbying group that fights to reduce the legal liability of Subcontractors.  A long term member of CALPASC, he ascended to his current position about the same time he was running in the recent special election.  He has significant developer support from both within Poway and from within San Diego County.  In the special election, he outspent his nearest opponent 3:1 and won by 104 votes.  He currently is the leader for money collection and garners discount signs from out of state printers with developer ties.  He gets permission to prominently place his signs on buildings owned by developers, who will have issues shortly before the council.  A vote for John Mullin is a virtual guarantee that Poway road will become a freeway from the 15 to the 67 and that SR125 will cut through to at least Scripps Poway Parkway, possibly to Ted Williams.  In between, we will have rows of box stores with the traffic and noise to go with it.

Mr. Mullin claims to adhere to the General Plan, but when push comes to shove (and there will be a lot of pressure from his supporters if he gets into office) he will imagine the Plan to be something that it is not.

Poway will completely lose the "Country" that we all care so much about.

Poway has Great Choices in the Challengers

Nick Stavros
Nick is a small business owner that has lived in Poway for decades.  He knows the value of the "Country" in "The City in the Country."  He has fought long and hard against City Corruption, particularly with the water and sewer rate structure.  He has seen first hand the opacity of the city government and is committed to change that.  His only ties are to the residents, not developers or the construction lobby.  He has a great background and familiarity with the technical fields and knows how to attract the high tech/biotech jobs to Poway that Poway needs.  Do we really want more Walmart/slave wage jobs, or do we want high tech/high wage jobs centered here.  These are the types of people you want as your neighbors.

Pete Babich
Pete is a highly logical and organized thinker and planner.  He is also a small business owner and knows what it takes to succeed.  It takes proper planning.  The current council is being run by the City Staff because the council does not check up on the staff's work.  We have wound up with a patchwork of rules and rulings that leads to sprawl.  Pete wants to reverse that and make the right managerial decisions to insure that there is a valid reason for choice.  No hand waving, just facts.

Listen to Pete's analyses on the issues facing the city, and you'll come away in awe of someone who has actually done their homework.  This type of thinking (or any type of thinking) scares the City Staff to no end.  With Pete on the Council, power will return to the residents.  What galls Pete, and others, is the lip service that the current council pays to the Poway General Plan.  This document, above all others, lays the foundation for the type of city that Poway is meant to be.  It is the ultimate long term planning document and Pete Babich the the man for the job to uphold that covenant with the people.

Dave Grosch
Dave is the ultimate Finance guy.  He kept tabs on multi-million dollar projects at TRW and SAIC.  Making sure that the money being spent was being spent wisely and cut the fat where needed.  A finance person is several cuts above a banker.  Bankers just balance the books.  Play tricks with the numbers to make the balance sheet all the nicer.  They have no skill or knowledge of the meaning behind the numbers.  Finance guys like Dave keep tabs on the City Staff's expenditures.  Dave was the only one at the Council Forums who talked about the need to trim the excessive retirement packages that the city staff pull down.  This is a ticking time bomb.  It is no wonder that the City Staff are so urgently building out the city with Box Stores.  They see it as the only way they can keep the City solvent enough to pay for their lavish pensions.  While the incumbents were waving their hands at pie in the sky future fantasies of tax revenues coming from miles of box stores, Dave was pointing out that the Council has far more control over expenditures than revenues. 

As they Say:
"It's not how much you Earn;  It's how much you Spend"

Dave knows that uncontrolled development, as seen in so many other cities that have lost their character, is a freeway to blight and must be avoided.  Dave have the skills and business experience needed to get the job done, and done right, for Poway.

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Tell your neighbors to Vote Out the Incumbents.
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Vote for Babich, Grosch, and Stavros