Monday, September 8, 2014

Time to End the Reign of King Don

It’s High Time that Voters Give Poway Mayor Don Higginson the Boot
28 years of Unbridled Arrogance and Missed Opportunities is Enough

Why Voters Should Reject Don Higginson:

Caught On Tape Claiming:
(These are just two of several videos floating out there exampling Don Higginson's arrogance that has built up over his more than 25 years in office)

Higginson has missed more city council meetings than anyone else in Poway's history:
~129 missed meetings.... and counting.
Up to 23% of all meetings each year...absent
Almost 500+ votes not cast.... and he still collects the same paycheck.
It is almost like you have a better chance meeting him on the street than in a council meeting.
It's time to end the decades of place holding – actual Leadership is badly needed.

What skeletons in Higginson’s closet is the Party tired of sweeping under the rug?

  • Is it the years of crony capitalism that plagued Poway’s Redevelopment Agency, all while Don ran it into the ground?
    • Pay to play has always been a drag on Poway’s growth.
  • Maybe it was the millions that evaporated from the Community Plan, scuttling it...
  • Or maybe it was his overseeing the 20+ years of Consultancy Fees for Espola Road upgrades...
    • Plan after plan and still nothing has actually been done to improve the safety situation.
  • The opportunities to improve Poway that have been squandered is almost criminal.
But it gets worse:  For years, Poway has shown a rare (among governments) degree of fiscal responsibility that has built up a small reserve fund that has allowed it to weather recent financial storms.  Now, with the Mayor's race looking close, Don has set out to burn through that reserve to pander to select groups within the city, buying up votes where he can.  As quoted
...we need to reinvest in our city. We need to reinvest in our parks, trails, streets and other needed infrastructure. We need to reinvest in our Senior Center. We need to reinvest in our Community Center......
Don't get me wrong, these are worthy projects.  But they are being pushed out with a fervent and unplanned rush in an untimely manner.  Draining Poway's Fiscal Reserves is something that is best dealt with once the election has passed, not in the run up to an election where promises of payouts are used as empty promises, doled out to buy undecided voters.

Sadly, in the end, Mayor Higginson "has no friends, only interests."

He will buy, cajole, and hoodwink his way to get what he wants.
To desperately hold onto power.....
But if he does,
The old Don,
The arrogant and callus Don
Will come back

he never left.

There is more to come, soon....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Congratulations to the Winners

A hard fought election on all sides reelected Don Higginson and John Mullin and introduced a new face on the Council, Dave Grosch.  About half of the voting population made it to the polls, which is not too bad in a midterm election.

An Analysis of the Election

John Mullin secured his position by about 1500 votes, which was the largest vote difference between any of the candidates.  John has been effectively running for this office for almost a year and was able to procure nearly 4 times the money as his nearest competitor.  Being able to effectively raise money is a key element to political success.  It should be interesting to see if John's process streamlining suggestions wind up leading to the de facto elimination of the "Country" for large parts of Poway, or truly remove some of the inefficiencies in the Poway City bureaucracy.  They may very well do both.  I suspect that the devil will be in the details.  Regardless of the directions that John will push, I have seen that he is extraordinarily skilled in the process, and I suspect that he will be one of the most effective Councilmen Poway has seen in a long time.

Don Higginson fought off a very tough challenge by Nick Stavros.  Higginson won this election by about 1000 votes, which is near the smallest margin of victory (by percent) that a Poway Mayor has faced in potentially its entire history.  It is good to know that a large part of the voting public took the time to actually form an opinion on the candidates as such participation and thought is key to the success of any democracy.  It is my hope that Don will be able to see the merits behind some of the criticisms and make changes where possible.  Don appears to me to be a smart man spends a good deal of time promoting Poway.  I think he will likely keep things running as they have been in the past.

Dave Grosch garnered about 1000 votes more than Carl Kruse thus replacing him on the Council and bringing a very needed skill set to the City Council.  I think what sets Dave apart from Carl is that Dave is a finance guy, while Carl is a banker.  Both skill sets are valuable to have in a governing body, but I think that finance is a more important background than banking.  I think that a finance guy takes a look at the numbers and sees where there can be cuts to reign in the expense side of the equation.  I like the saying that "it's not how much you make; it's how much you spend."  I also think that Dave's election has made Boyack's and Cunningham's voice on the Council much stronger than it was before.  This diversity of voices can only help ensure that the residents voice is heard more by the Council.  Dave's margin over Pete Babich was very small, about 140 votes.  Pete's very structured and organized problem solving processes would also have made him a fantastic Councilman.  I wish there were 6 seats on that Council as Poway could really have used Pete's skills.

I met all of the candidates prior to the election and I think that there are all good people.  Poway is lucky to be in such a situation when all you have to do is look at the skills and directions that the Council takes in the past to see if you want the different people to move it into the future.  When the issues take center stage, and not personalities, government runs better for the people.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Incriminating Videos

Don Higginson telling people that he has never made a promise while on the City Council.

Don Higginson telling people not to contact him.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Website is an organization that encourages people to vote in the upcoming election.
For people who have not registered to vote, this includes information about how to do this and why.
For people who have already registered, it includes links to find out where to vote.
For everyone, this site includes information as to how to vote without needing to take time off from work.
Information about who is currently running for the local and state offices, as well as initiatives is provided.

The most Powerful Government is the One Closest to YOU.