Thursday, October 6, 2016

Election Update, 2016

Election Update, 2016

Races of Particular Importance for Poway Residents:

Poway City Council Race
Three Good Candidates for Two Open Seats

Poway Unified School District
The Two Best Choices are Clear

Measure W
Read between the lines - Do the ends justify the means?

On Wednesday October 5th, the Poway Chamber of Commerce and the Green Valley Civic Association (GVCA) hosted a "Meet the Candidates Forum" focusing on the Poway City Council and the Poway Unified School District (PUSD).  Many thanks to them for their work in hosting this forum.  Additionally, it is fortunate that our local residents have the interest and desire to serve in these public offices.  All of the candidates were there with a conviction and a desire to do what they think is best to help these local governance boards serve the public.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Vaus is Boss

V is for Vaus Victory
Steve Vaus secures the Poway Mayorship with a historic margin of victory.
Never in Poway's history has a mayoral challenger defeat an incumbent by such a huge margin. (~9%)  A truly clear victory that sends a major message about the need for new leadership with fresh ideas about how to make Poway an even better place for the residents and businesses.  It should be interesting to see how Powegians appreciate having access to a mayor who is actually present at the Council meetings.

The official swearing in ceremony for Mayor Vaus will occur on December 16th at the Poway City Council Chambers.  Get there by 6PM to ensure you have a seat.

Name Votes Percent
Steve Vaus
Don Higginson

Parsing the City Council Race
Dave Grosch is clearly one of the most popular and effective Poway City Council members in history.  He turned out a considerable victory over all challengers with the other incumbent candidate, John Mullin, coming in a distant 2nd place.  When you look examine the number in detail, it looks like Grosch secured the vote of a whopping 91% of voters in this portion of the race.  There was likely a lot of bullet voting going on for Grosch and a sizable Grosch/Olps vote pairs.

What does this mean for Mullin?  Mullin's prime focus is on promoting developer issues before the council.  Does this mean his base of support is too narrow for the future?  Hard to tell.  He likely did not run a strong campaign this time around as incumbent's seats are generally secure and Olps was not able to mount a strong challenge.  That said, the results here imply that the Mullin seat is the most vulnerable to a challenge in 4 years, so best to watch that spot.
Name Votes Percent
Dave Grosch
John Mullin
Christopher Olps
Total Votes
Total Voters